Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anger vs Faith answer to question 2 of 100

2. How do you feel toward the people who acted in such a negative way toward you when you were growing up? Have you forgiven them?

             It is not my place to judge the people who have hurt me in my past. There was a time that I was consumed by hate and anger toward these people but it started to eat me alive. These negative emotions started to corrode my insides to the point were I was never happy.  As a result I would just sleep for days on end until I almost died from starvation. Then I learned that there was someone willing to take on the burden of judgment and punishment and all I had to do to be free was to give that responsibility to them.  I know that for people without faith that this seems very hokey. I believe that God or whatever you like to call him is a relationship not a religion. Each person has there own duty to decide what that relationship means to them. My relationship is as fallows because I believe that there is a higher power out there that is beyond my comprehension or control.  I do not believe that have to go to church to be closer to him and I work on Sundays. Instead, I talk to God like he is my best friend wherever I happen to be. We have many long chats none of which I do on my knees. During these chats I tell him my troubles and he helps me when he sees fit. This means, I don’t give him ultimatums or try to say what he should do for me.  I accept the help he provides and try not to question his motives as they are usually right even if they seem absurd to me at the time. So in answer to the questions I feel sorry for the people who hurt me in the past I wish them best of luck when they have to answer for their actions. I have forgiven all of them hate and anger are too heavy of an emotion for one person to carry.