Friday, June 17, 2011

Leave Time Alone Answer to Question 4 of 100

4. What do you think you would tell the third-grade version of yourself if you had a chance to send a message back to her? What would the message say and how do you think it would have affected you to see such a message?

When I was in the third grade it was really bad at home. My oldest brother was taken from the home and placed in a Group home. The middle one ran away and then attempted suicide.  I spent most of my third grade year stuffed in my little cubbyhole crying into my coat. So what would I tell my third grade self. Nothing at all I know that that sounds harsh but, It was that endless crying that got the school worried about me. They started an investigation that took the rest of third grade until the end of fourth with a little help from the counselor at my brothers school as he was the one whom my brother called before pulling the trigger.
     As for my part I came to school in my pajamas, because do to a late night visit from Frank, I slept in. My stepmother  sent me to school without getting dressed in the dead of winter. When I got to school I was shivering in the entryway before school the teacher saw me and asked me why. I showed her and we went to the office where they gave me some lost and found cloths.
     Next I got in a fight on the bus the girl hit me with her backpack that had a cookie monster calculator in the pocket. It hit me square in the eye and it turned all blue, swelled up so much that it closed.  My stepmother refused to come and get me so I had to stay in the office all day. So even though I was suffering I would not tell myself anything. You see I belive everything happens for a reason even if we don't know it at the time.