Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When Did That Happen?

      As of late a strange thing has happened to me and I am not sure how to react to it. Several individuals have approached me and said. "As a more experienced writer will please read and critique my work?"
What! Me a more experienced writer? When did this happen? I still feel so young and naive when it comes to writing. Maybe I have moved up a notch to a middle area. If this is so, where does this leave me? I am wondering if there is a new code of conduct to fallow? Like moving from lower to middle class income puts you in a higher tax bracket.
Then again, I could be just fooling myself into believing that I have moved up the invisible writing ladder. When, the whole truth is that I remain exactly where I have always been. I have certainly not improved my grammar or spelling any.
     So where does this leave the people who have asked me to look at their work? I think, at least for now; I will just read their work as an experienced reader. I know what I want to read. If I give them my honest opinion based on readability they will get what they came for. After all they don't want me to write it for them they just want to know how well they have written it. As a writer myself I totally understand that.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am now a published Author!

When I was ten years old I was removed from my childhood home and placed in the care of my aunt and uncle. After sometime and a lot of begging I was allowed visitation with my father. Our first meeting, after nearly a year apart, was at a dingy fast-food restaurant with a social worker one table away. After a few minutes of idle chat the social worker went up front to get another cup of coffee and my father leaned in close and said, barely above a whisper, "Are you ok?"
I leaned in also and whispered back, "Yeah, I am all right."
He nodded and leaned back in his chair. "You are never afraid." he said matter-of-factly "Even when you were little and to pass swimming you had to jump off the high-dive. All the other kids were all upset, but not you. You just walked up the ladder, strolled to the end of the board, plunged your nose and jumped."
            What I didn't tell my dad at the time was that I was really terrified, but he was sitting in the audience so I didn't want to let him down. 

I retold this story to explain that I decided to overcome my fear of being published. First, I selected a short story I wrote for my dad right after his death. Next I went to the IRS website and got a free EIN (Employee Identification Number) in the name Sally A Wolf. Next I signed up for a standard Amazon account. Then I went to the kindle publishing section, uploaded my work, added a snazzy pic, and Tada! easy as that I am a published author. The best part is that I did it all for free, plus my husband is not upset with me for it, he has even offered to make my covers for me.
            The most fun thing I did was as soon as my story was live, I search for myself on goodreads.com/ librarything.com and there I was! So I asked to be upgraded to an author account. Even if I never sell one copy at least I did what I set out to do.
See it live here The Chase By Sally a Wolf

So what is my next step? Well that would be getting a drivers license.