Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why do you write?

Why do I write? Well for one thing it is a lot less messy then my other hobbies like sculpting. Shh, don't tell my children that I am the one who stole their play dough. The real reason I write is because I HAVE TO!  It is like a drug if I don't spend some quality time writing at least once a day It gets all bottled up inside me and I become irritable or depressed. I need to write for my own sanity as well as others.
      Why do I write what I do? Well I write children's stories like this for the entertainment of my kids who seem to be the only individuals who want to read my work. I write poems to express my feelings. I write thrillers like this because I secretly want to be like Dean Koontz. I wrote this vampire story for a flash fiction contest boy that was hard.
I ghost write a blog for my basset hound. Matilda the Sock Monkey I keep track of books that I have read by writing book reviews. I write true stories like this about my past to help me cope with it. I FaceBook and Twitter for fun.
            One day when I am published I want to have people read my books to feel emotion. I want to invoke in them the power to feel whatever they like. I want to do this because when I was little one of my stepmother's favorite mind games was to confuse you about witch emotion was the right one to have for a situation. If you were suppose to be happy then she yelled at you for not being sad. If you were sad then you were in trouble for not being happy. This all happened during my developmental stages creating a paradox of miss labeled feelings. Now feelings are very important for me to understand and to share with others.
             So what does all of this babbling mean? Not much other than I needed my writing fix for the day and my children are guarding their play dough.

Why do I write? It boils down to the simple fact that I write because I like to.